How software is loaded. Including the key-in loader, bootstrap loader and the link loaders such as LDR-APM.

System Software

In this section is the assembler, linkers and utility programs such as PAL-AP (that is used to produce "self loading system tapes" or binary images).


One of the most interesting languages available for the Series 16 is PL516, developed at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, England. This is a "high-level" assembler. Although the language is very machine dependent (like an assembler) it has many of the control structures found in a high-level language. PL516 programs resemble, to some degree, Algol-60 programs.


This is a modern (21st century!) port of FIG-Forth to the Series-16 machines.

Source Code

This is a major project to recover Series-16 source code, mostly by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) from source listings. Progress is likely to be slow. So far the most signficant program is DAP16-M2 (the assembler) and the libraries that it depends upon.