Here is all the documentation that is available in electronic form for the Series 16 machines. Many of the documents are located on other websites, especially the Bitsavers site. In this case the original site is indicated in the table with a link to the original document and a link to a "cached" version on my server. If there is no site indicated then it's a document that I've scanned and which appeared on this site first.

Many of the hardware manuals have "fold-out" pages for the schematics. In order to make it simple to print out a copy of a document I've included a scaled-down and rotated page in the main document, but provided the "fold-out" pages in a second file at the same resolution as the rest of the document.


Document Site File Type Size
DDP-516 General Purpose I/C Digital Computer Computer History Museum Honeywell.u-COMP_DDP-516.102646115.pdf cached Scanned 1M
Series 16 Direct Digital Control System Computer History Museum Honeywell.Series_16.1968.102646221.pdf cached Scanned 4M
H316 General Purpose Digital Computer Computer History Museum Honeywell.H316.1965.102646157.pdf cached Scanned 8M

Software and Operating Instructions

Document Site File Type Size
Programmers Reference Manual DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Bitsavers 130071585B_516userMan_Aug68.pdf cached Scanned 13M
316/516 Programmers' Reference Manual Bitsavers 130071585C_H316PRM_May69.pdf cached Scanned 11M
DDP-516 Users Guide Bitsavers 130071627_516userGuid_Mar67.pdf cached Scanned 7M
Series 16 Equipment Operators' Manual Bitsavers 70130072165F_S16_Oper_Nov73.pdf cached Scanned 5M
Coding and Operating Procedures for Series 16 Fortran IV Bitsavers Series16_FortranRef.pdf cached Scanned 7M
Description and Use of BASIC Language for Models 316 and 516 Bitsavers Series16_Basic_Mar72.pdf cached Scanned 4M
Fortan Math Library Bitsavers AM74_S16ftnMath_Dec73.pdf cached Scanned 5M
DAP-16 Assembly Language and Its Extension for the 316 and 516 Computers, DAP-16 Mod 2 Bitsavers Series16_AsmRef.pdf cached Scanned 4M
O16-XREF, SSUP, and MAC Source Language Processors Bitsavers AC94_xref_ssup_mac_Jul71.pdf cached Scanned 2M

Software Listings

Document Site File Type Size
Honeywell Series 16 BASIC interpreter 70181826000_basic_16a.pdf Scanned 23M
BASIC-16 arithmetic, conversion, library function routines 70181832000_basic_mthpak.pdf Scanned 10M
BASIC-16 initialization routine for stand-alone version 70181909000_basic_init_a.pdf Scanned 2M
DDP-116/516/H316 Fortran IV Compiler Listing Doc. No. 180463000 Bitsavers M-915_FtnIVcompListing_1969.pdf cached Scanned 10M
  Single Page  Multiple Pages OCR HTML
180463000_fortran.asm 132k
180463000_fortran.lst 416k


Document Site File Type Size
H316 General Purpose Digital Computer Instructions and Logic Block Diagrams Bitsavers 70130072174AC_H316sch_Jun74.pdf cached Scanned 10M
H316 Circuit Modules and Parts Instruction Manual Bitsavers 70130072166AV_H316mod_Nov74.pdf cached Scanned 19M
Series 16 Power Supply Operation/Maintenance Manual PSU_42401047_001.pdf Scanned 48M
PSU_foldout_42401047_001.pdf Scanned 4M
50Hz Modification Option 50Hz_70130072181A.pdf Scanned 4M
Installation Manual DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Bitsavers 130071625_516inst_Sep66.pdf cached Scanned 4M
Instruction Manual DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Volume 1 Theory of Operation and Maintenance Bitsavers 130071620B_MaintVo1_Oct68.pdf cached Scanned 14M
DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Theory of Operation and Maintenance Volume 1 Bitsavers 70130071620J_MaintVo1_Jan72.pdf cached Scanned 12M
DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Volume II Bitsavers 130071621_516theoryOp_Sep66.pdf cached Scanned 5M
DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Volume II Hachti 130071621_DDP-516_INST_MAN_VOL2.pdf cached Scanned 40M
DDP-516 General Purpose Computer Volume III Hachti 130071622D_DDP-516_INST_MAN_VOL3….pdf cached Scanned 31M
RP-61/RP-62 Power Supply Instruction Manual (with thanks to Robert Ward) 130071933_RP-61.pdf Scanned 2M
Series 16 4110/4120 Magnetic Tape Drive Option Manual Hachti 42400343042_4110+4120_MAG… cached Scanned 29M
Moving-Head Disk Options 4623, 4651, and 4720 Programmers' Reference Manual Bitsavers Series16DiscPrgm.pdf cached Scanned 11M