Emulator front-panel

I have written an emulator for the H316 and DDP-516 models. At the moment this implements just the standard instruction set, and only ASR (teletype) and high speed paper tape reader and punch peripherals. It is hoped to add support for the various CPU options and other peripherals over a period of time.

The emulator was developed under Linux, though it should be fairly easy to port to other UNIXs.

The emulator is available under the GNU public license and therefore available to anyone who wants a copy. If you download the code then please e-mail me so that I can keep you informed of updates etc.

Download Emulator Version 1.6.0 October 27 2018



Software preservation

I have started to copy the many reels of paper-tape that I have in cardboard boxes in the loft and garage over to my PC. By doing so I will be able to preserve the software on media that is a little more permanent than paper-tape.

I view the preservation of historical computers' software as extremely important. Without software the preservation of historical computer hardware seems (to me) to be rather pointless. The hardware represents a very interesting technological artefact in its own right, standing as a testament to the skill of the engineers that created it.

However, in general there are far more people involved in programming and using computers than creating them. In many cases there is little or no record of much of this activity, since as companies and organizations upgrade their computers, old programs, for old hardware, are in many cases simply discarded. This is especially true of computers of the Series 16's vintage where much more non-portable assembler code was used, and obsolete languages such as Fortran-IV were used.